CNC Fin Machine : Top 7 Features

{ 1 }

Each axis in the "Greenwood Fin Machine", metal forming process is controlled by a dedicated positioning, digital cam, which ensures, a high performance, low power consumption, precision engineered fin.

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{ 2 }

The die set is opened only to the actual fin height required, thus reducing unnecessary wear on the die’s, and the sheet is advanced only the required distance to repeat the cycle, delivering the desired number of fin per unit length.

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{ 3 }

User friendly digital controls, via a touch screen panel, provide the operator with both visual and fingertip information. Thus allowing the height of the fin to be adjusted whilst the machine is still running.

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{ 4 }

Whilst the machine utilizes existing dies from some other metal folding presses, the improved efficiency and precision have also resulted in a fin machine which operates with much less noise / vibration then any other known fin producing equipment.

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{ 5 }

The built in automated coil mandrel is linked digitally to the main computerized board, which allows for a smooth controlled release of material. The mandrel is capable of holding in excess of 800 lbs.

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{ 6 }

A new fully automated CNC fin Cut-Off machine has also been developed to work in tandem with the "Greenwood Fin Machine", or as a stand-alone unit. This allows the operator to set the laser fin counter and delivery bed, to work in sequence with the "Greenwood Fin Machine", to produce the measured amount of fin required for any given application.

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{ 7 }

Lease financing is available on either of the machines as a single item or as a complete inline fin producing system. Either way our unique connection with one of America’s leading commercial finance companies will bring about a smooth, stress free transition period of mutual acceptance.

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Unique Usages and Capabilities

The Greenwood CNC Fin Machine is a true multi-axis computer controlled manufacturing machine. It’s repeatable tolerances are in the order of .0005 inches, making it a practical, efficient piece of equipment.

The digital fin machine can be programmed to produce fin heights from 0.0500 inches to 1.000 inches. Metal forming tools controlled by the CNC computer move only the liner distance required to form the fin, while the die positioning servo unit moves along the programmed axis to properly form the part.

Our effective computer controlled digital system allows the operator to install a new die forming set to produce (n) fins per unit length of a height (h) from a sheet of thickness (t) by entering commands from the computer interface whilst the machine is still running. The information is then stored to reduce the time required for future setup of that particular number of fins per inch.

The increase in precision formed fin by the Greenwood CNC Fin Machine greatly reduces the number of faulty brazed joints, which results in cores that fail to meet pressure requirements, and other inspection procedures, thereby increasing productivity while reducing material and operating costs.